Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through our Frequently Asked Question and if you need more help send us a message

What should I do if my child is sick on a dance day ?

If your dancer has a cold, cough or runny nose, but is not too sick to stay home….please have your dancer wear a mask to class.

What does FDLT & FDCC refer to – I see it everywhere !

We use these abbreviations often to easily refer to our two locations. FDLT represents Forever Dance Lake Tahoe.  FDCC refers to Forever Dance Carson City. 

At what age can my child begin dance lessons ?

We offer classes for students as young as 3 years old. Our “tot” classes are for 3-5 year old pre-schoolers. Class levels are based on age, ability, and the dancer’s maturity.

What level dance classes are right for my child ?

Placement in class levels is at the teacher’s discretion. Please contact us to discuss your child’s experience and skill level, and we will direct you to the classes that will be most dance class Forever Dance

When is the best time to enroll for classes ?

Registration is open throughout the year. We base our schedule on the traditional school year beginning in September and ending after our recital in June. The best time to start classes is in September, but we have open enrollment for our recital classes through March 1st.  We start planning our recital in February and the students begin learning the choreography for the recital in March or April. Please contact us if your child is interested in beginning classes.

How much do classes cost ?

We charge a yearly registration fee of $35, and $15 for each additional sibling. Please visit our Tuition page for pricing.  A one-hour class that meets once a week would cost $55 per month.  Two one-hour classes per week would cost $100 per month. We also offer an “unlimited” class price.

What is your make-up policy ?

Dance classes are not pro-rated for missed classes, however, your child may make up missed classes up to one month following the missed classes in other appropriate level classes as long as your child is still enrolled in those classes.

Aerials silks classes are not pro-rated for missed classes.  There are no make-ups for missed aerial silks classes (unless there is room in another class).

Tuition and fees are non-refundable unless there is a class cancellation and no makeup classes are available.


What performance opportunities are available for my child ?

We have our Recital in June in which most of our classes participate. We also take part in the Nevada Day Parade in October. Our competition team, which begins rehearsing at the end of August, competes from February through July, for dancers that are interested in performing more often. 

How much do recital costumes usually cost ?

We usually budget about $50 for each recital costume. Some costumes, such as tumbling and baton may cost as little as $25. Costume deposits are $50. The first half of the costume deposit is due at the beginning of March and the second half is due in April.  

How much do recital tickets cost ?

Recital tickets cost $25 per person in advance/$30 at the door. In February, all dancers participating in Recital 2023 will be billed a Recital package fee of $80 for the first child, and $50 for each additional sibling. Each family will receive two recital tickets plus one recital t-shirt, and one recital ticket plus a recital t-shirt for each additional sibling. Each family will receive a link to the digital video download of the recital. Additional tickets will be available for purchase at the end of May.