aerial silks forever dance 2021 summer session
aerial silks forever dance 2021 summer session

Register for our 8-week Spring Aerial Silks Intensives and Aerial Open Gym at our Carson City Studio

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Forever Dance AERIAL SILKS SPRING schedule@FDCC

Aerial Mid-Session March Open Gym: -Sign up now!

Wednesdays starting March 9th with Tony Deal**-no drop-ins, since this class is almost full.

Aerial Open Gym* 7:15-8:30pm (4 weeks only) $50*

(March 9, March 16, March 23 and March 30).


Aerial Spring Session: Begins April 3rd. (Please note the date changes).

Sundays starting April 3rd with Sarah**-will be a 7-week session, due to small class size.

Aerial 102 1:15-2:30pm ~ $200* April 3rd – May 29th.

with no classes on April 17th (Easter Sunday) and May 8th (Mother’s Day).

Aerial 103 Performance Intensive with Recital 2:30-3:45pm ~ $350* April 3rd – May 29th, with no classes on April 17th (Easter Sunday) and May 8th (Mother’s Day) with an Aerial Recital on June 5th. The $350 class covers the cost of 4 tickets to the recital, valued at $25 each. We will have additional tickets for sale. It is strongly suggested that all Aerial 103 students sign up for open gym along with the Spring Session. The performance has been moved up to Sunday, June 5th.

Dress Rehearsal will be on May 29th and will be from 2:30-4:15pm.

Aerial 103 Recital will be at The Theater on Keystone Avenue, Reno.

Call time for performers will be 12:30pm.

The show will begin at 1:30pm.


Wednesdays starting April 6th with Tony Deal**

Aerial 101 6-7:15pm $200*
Aerial Open Gym 7:15-8:30pm $100*

With no classes on April 13 (during FDCC Spring Break Week)


*Pre-requisites for Aerial Open Gym: Students must have either completed Aerial 102 or have teacher approval. (Videos can be emailed to for approval).

**Registration fee required for all students who are not already registered at Forever Dance for the 2021-22 Season. Annual registration is $30, but will be discounted to $15 session.


*If you have not filled out the registration form for the 2021-22 Season at Forever Dance, go to our website and click on the Online Registration tab. To complete the registration process, you must also email


Aerial 101 – We start from the very beginning and will primarily focus on silks, lyra and hammock, where you will learn all of the essentials such as basic mounts, climbs, foot-locks, poses, and beginner sequences. You will also learn conditioning techniques that you can work on at home, in between aerial sessions. Available for beginners ages 9 and up.


Aerial 102 – We will build on the foundational poses and sequences and begin to piece them together in the air. Students will build the stamina and endurance needed to fly for several minutes at a time. This requires not only strength, but also a deeper understanding of aerial theory, and knowing which poses can transition well from one to the next. We will also take a deeper look at technique, focusing on perfecting lines, extension, and timing. Available for ages 9 and up. Pre-requisites: Students must be able to fully execute Russian climb, traditional climb, at least one entry into hip key, at least one-foot single foot lock, egg beaters (or double foot locks) on silks. On lyra, they must be able to fully invert, mount to a seated position, execute a straddle back balance, and be comfortable with using the top bar. Students must have either completed Aerial 101 or have teacher approval. (Videos can be emailed to for approval.)


Aerial 103-Performance Intensive – Students will choreograph and perfect an aerial routine to music of their choice. They will have teacher guidance and feedback, as well as in-class critiques. There will be a stronger focus on technique than there was in lower levels. Students will also gain a new understanding of musicality and storytelling as they relate to movement in the air. The intensive will culminate in an in-studio performance, where family and friends can see the final product. Students are asked to bring a notebook, writing utensil, headphones, and a way to listen to music independently (i.e., phone or iPod, etc.) to each class. Pre-requisites: Students must be able to execute at least 3 poses or sequences in the air (on either lyra or silks). They must be able to stay in the air without coming down for at least 2.5 minutes. Teacher approval required for entry. If a student is new to Forever Dance, they may submit a video to for approval.




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