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Staging Rehearsal for our annual recital FD Movie Night at-Bally’s Lake Tahoe (Montbleu)

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16 Jun

Staging Rehearsal for our annual recital FD Movie Night at-Bally’s Lake Tahoe (Montbleu)

June 16|2:00 pm - 10:00 pm UTC+0

Staging Recital for recital-Bally’s Lake Tahoe Showroom (Montbleu). Afternoon/evening schedule will be emailed to dancers.

This year our rehearsal at Bally’s Lake Tahoe Showroom (Montbleu) on Thursday, June 16 will be a “Staging Rehearsal”, not a “Dress Rehearsal”.  It is very important for the dancers to be able to have a rehearsal on the stage they will be performing on.  It gives them a feel for the stage, which is such a different space than the studios.  They will know their spacing, practice entrances and exits and especially for our first year recital students the Staging Rehearsal opens their eyes to see that we are really putting on a show, not just an audience. The picture days will serve as a dress rehearsal, so that we WILL NOT BE WEARING COSTUMES ON JUNE 11.

Please do your best to make it possible for your child to be at the Staging Rehearsal.  Not only will they feel more comfortable onstage for the recital, but this is part of the FUN!!

A Dance Recital is a celebration of your child’s hard work in their classes all year.  It is a celebration of all of our FD Teacher’s dedication and passion for your children.  It is a celebration of being proud to be a part of Forever Dance.  There is so much planning, scheduling, organizing, costuming, rehearsing that goes into putting on this performance.

What to Wear

~All dancers should wear neat dance attire with hair pulled securely back in a bun or low ponytail.

~Please bring all shoes that you will be wearing for the Recital.

~Dancers in baton, please remember to bring your batons, as we will not have extra ones at Bally’s/Montbleu.

~No make-up needed.

~No costumes needed.

When to Arrive

~The schedule will be sent out a week in advance. The rehearsal schedule will not be the running order for recital.

~Team dances will not be rehearsing at the staging recital.

~Arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled staging time slot.

~Younger dancers may not be dropped off and left unsupervised.

What to Expect

~Please arrive on time.  We will not wait for dancers who are late.  You will miss your Staging Rehearsal if you are late.

~Our goal is to stay on time.  If we get behind, we will do our best to catch up.

~Most dances will get one run-thru.

~Dancers will line up with your teacher backstage 2 numbers before your scheduled slot.

~Parents may video your dancer at the staging rehearsal, (but not at the recital), but please stay behind the teacher area in the front of the showroom.

~It will be a long day, but it is part of the process of putting on a show.


~NO Food or DRINKS are allowed in the Bally’s/Montbleu showroom.  This is Bally’s/Montbleu’s rule for all of their current performances.

~Dancers ARE allowed to have food backstage.  Please do not bring in messy foods.

~Dancer’s and Families–Clean up after yourselves and your dancers! Please DO NOT leave any trash in the showroom, dressing rooms or backstage.

~All beverages backstage must have a secure lid.  No drinks allowed without a cover.  Water bottles and hydroflasks are great!

~No running around the showroom or backstage.

~No excessive talking in the showroom.

~Parents please supervise your children, so that we can get the dancers on stage quickly and efficiently.


Date: June 16|2:00 pm - 10:00 pm UTC+0
Time: 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Venue: Bally’s Lake Tahoe
Address: 55 Highway 50