How we are addressing Covid-19

The key to controlling the spread of any infectious disease outbreak, particularly the current Covid-19 virus, is to have in place a system of prevention, outbreak reporting and response by the FD staff, teachers, students and parents. The health of our dancers, staff and teachers is our primary concern. We have developed and implemented a prevention and outbreak response plan.

face masks forever dance lake tahoe fd4real
face masks forever dance lake tahoe fd4real

To prevent the spread of the virus we have implemented the following protocols

1. Everyone must wear a mask while in the building and outside when you are on studio property.

2. Dancers are required to wear a mask while at the ballet barre.

3. Forever Dance is not requiring dancers to wear a mask during class unless the dancer’s parent wishes them to do so.

4. We have hired Covid Cleaners for extra cleaning help at both studios to clean all surfaces touched during studio hours.

5. Hand washing stations are available at the entrance of both studios. Everyone must wash hands when arriving at the studio.

6. Hand sanitizers are available at the entrance of each studio for dancers to use before and after classes.

7. No sharing drinks or food. Microwaves and refrigerators will not be available for use at this time.

8. Water bottle filling stations are available for use. Please bring water containers.

9. All dance bags and other personal items must be removed from the studio each night. At FDLT shelves are available in the prop room and in the dressing room to store dance bags and personal items during studio hours. At FDCC the small dressing room downstairs is available to store dance bags and other personal items during studio hours. To avoid overcrowding, some classes will be asked to bring their bags into the classrooms or keep them in the hallway. Lockers are not to be used at this time.

10. Dressing rooms are open for dancers to change.

11. The lobby at FDLT and the upstairs area at FDCC will be open for dancers during studio hours. Masks must be worn in these areas.

12. There are X marks in the studios, hallways, dressing rooms, prop room. Make sure your child knows to stay on one of these marks when they are dancing, resting, doing homework, having a snack. Social distancing will help prevent spreading illness, even if someone is symptom free.

Protocol for when your child may have been exposed or is showing symptoms of Covid-19

Parents need to notify the office immediately if your child has been exposed or is showing symptoms of Covid-19. Office staff have been given a script/checklist to log medical absences. Dancers and staff will be sent home if showing signs of illness. In this instance, all surface will be sanitized within the space occupied by the person sent home.

Do you have COVID-19 symptoms or are you feeling ill?

⬚ Fever (temperature > 100.4°F at rest)

⬚  New/worsening cough or breathing problems

⬚  Vomiting and/or diarrhea

⬚  New loss of smell or taste

⬚  Two or more other symptoms: sore throat, chills, abdominal pain, headache, nasal congestion, fatigue, muscle pain or body aches

Have you had close contact (within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes)

⬚ with a person who has COVID-19 (positive lab test or clinically diagnosed)

⬚  when they are contagious (48 hours before symptoms begin through recovery)?

Due to symptoms reported, your child should attend classes using Zoom until your child has been

1. Symptom-free for 24 hours without medication; AND

2. No one in the household is isolating for or sick with COVID-19 or COVID-19-like symptoms; AND

3. Either 14 days has passed since symptoms first started OR your child has had a negative COVID-19 test.

4. If your child tests negative for COVID-19, we will need a copy of the test results, not just a doctor’s note, to readmit your child.

5. If your child has only had temporary contact with someone who has tested positive, your child is not required to self-quarantine and may continue to attend in-person classes as long as they are symptom free.

6. Please follow-up with us regarding your child’s health. When your child meets the requirements to return to in-studio classes, please let us know.

7. All classes are available on Zoom for any student who is ill or who is isolating at home (with the exception of tumbling and dancer conditioning).